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Stand Up Desks Raising Questions

Stand up desks are the new trend in occupational health but do they hold all the answers to avoiding health-related issues in the workplace.

There's no denying that sitting at a desk all day increases your risk of physical harm. However, purchasing a stand up desk may not be the answer to fixing your headaches, neck or back pain.

There are a myriad of reasons why you may be experiencing musculoskeletal pain in the workplace and each case needs to be assessed individually taking into account:

- Your current or previous musculoskeletal complaints

- The physical and cognitive demands of your job

- Your current physical condition

- An understanding of the interaction between you and your workstation

Physiotherapists can gather and assess this information to determine whether a stand up desk is the right choice for you. We can provide you with the right ergonomic advice and postural education as well as management strategies to combat your pain.

With the demand for stand up desks on the rise, employers and employees alike need to recognise that these desks should not replace good ergonomic practice and professional guidance from a physiotherapist.

For work related injuries, RSI, neck or back pain, or for an ergonomic assessment of your current workstation and your suitability for a stand up desk contact Elite Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic on 8941 8555.

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