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Clinical Pilates @ Elite

What is Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise that combines core-strength, flexibility, balance, and posture in a safe, fun environment. Clinical Pilates classes at Elite Physiotherapy are run by a qualified Physiotherapist who has undergone additional specialised training. Each class is tailored to the individual patient and their specific needs and goals.

Clinical Pilates classes are different from gym based Pilates classes, as they are targeted at the “deep core” muscles as opposed to strengthening the superficial abdominal muscles (the ‘6-pack’ and obliques). These deep core muscles consist of the pelvic floor, diaphragm, deep back muscles (multifidus) and Transverse Abdominus (TA). They work together to provide a corset like support to the lower back/pelvis. By activating these muscles, the lower back is supported through general day-to-day movements, reducing stress/damage to the spine.

How can Clinical Pilates help you?

When the “deep core” muscles are not working correctly, the body compensates and tries to support itself in other ways. The most common is by bracing through the back and gluteal muscles or tensing through the neck and shoulders, which can lead to adverse tension in these areas. By not working the deep core muscles and adopting poorer stabilising strategies, the body is at risk of injury and ongoing problems.

Clinical Pilates helps to activate and strengthen these muscles, which in turn can relieve pain and improve the overall strength, flexibility, and movement of the body. By activating these muscles correctly, the back/spine is supported, meaning movements such as bending over, lifting or running will no longer be feared!

But Clinical Pilates is not only for those in pain!

Clinical Pilates can benefit everyone, from elite athletes to the older person and all those in between. Both men and women can benefit by strengthening their deep core muscles. Because each session is individually tailored, we cater for beginners right through to the advanced. Having a strong “deep core” will benefit you while playing sport, working and throughout daily activities.

So, how do I get involved?

Prior to joining the Clinical Pilates Program at Elite Physiotherapy, it is important to attend an initial Pilates consultation with one of our experienced Physiotherapists. During this session we will assess your goals, needs and ability to help determine what exercises would be most beneficial to you, as well as those to avoid based on your specific presentation.

After your initial assessment you can either continue with 1:1 sessions or join a class (maximum 4 participants). Classes can be purchased as either a block of 6 or 10 sessions. Classes are run weekly and are available at various times and days throughout the week. All Clinical Pilates sessions at Elite Physiotherapy are run by a Physiotherapist and therefore are rebatable through most Private Health Funds.

For more information regarding our Clinical Pilates Program, call 89418555.

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